At Doble Dog we are ready to offer all kinds of procedures for the wellness and treatments of our pets.  We are fully equipped and prepared to handle any diagnostic, surgeon or dental need.  We also offer a wide range of services regarding prevention, vaccinations, microchipping, health screening, geriatric care and more.

We have a specialized team in exotic animals.

We are also prepared for assisted reproduction and obstetrics, artificial insemination, smears, pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, neonatal control.

We offer a house calls and urgencies 24 hours a day service (696 966 670).



We have our own laboratory where we made blood and urine analysis immediately to complement the clinical diagnoses.

  • Hemathology, clinical and urine analysis.
  • Immunology: Performs tests that reveal the presence and activity of microorganism in our patient.
  • Microbiology:Reveals fecal parasites. Identifies bacteria in blood, pus, urine.

We make skin scrapings to diagnose the presence of parasites in skin, smears, and hair cultives and sperm quality control.

We have service agreements with prestigious laboratories if more specific tests are required.


Image diagnostic

It is essential to use these medical techniques for a proper and fast diagnosis looking for the wellness of our pets.

  • Radiography:Essential for trauma diagnosis and assessment of the animal´s bone structure and diagnosing hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis. Also to make digestive studies to detect estrange bodies, intestinal transit and urinary tract studies.
    Also contrast radiology test are used in some cases.
  • Ultrasound imaging: It is fundamental to visualizesoft tissues such intestine, pancreas, prostate, ovaries, heart, and others. It is also used at ultrasound-guided biopsies.
  • Vídeoendoscopy: A highly professional team works at our clinic when necessary. This test requires previous citation. It is vital for gastrointestinal foreign bodies extraction  without surgery, biopsies, polyps. Much less traumatic for our pets as it is not necessary post-surgery recovery.
  • Magnetic resonance: We work closely with the University Complutense of Madrid to make this diagnosis when we see necessary. It is very useful for visualization of the bone marrow, skull, ligaments. This service  requires previous citation.   


In our operating room we perform surgeries in different animal species (dog, cat, ferret, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, reptiles, birds).

  • General surgery: Castration,tumors removal, biopsy.
  • Dental surgeries: mouth cleanings, dental extractions, oral tumors, teeth filing in rodents.
  • Digestive and abdominal surgery: removal of tumors, removal of foreign bodies, umbilical, inguinal or perinea hernia, intestinal expansion and obstructions, intestinal, liver surgery, splenic surgery.
  • Trauma surgery: Hip, elbow and patellar dislocations, ligament rupture, fractures, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, osteosynthesis, bindings, complicated fractures.
  • Obstetric surgery: Caesarean sections, piómetras,histerectomies,tubal ligations.
  • Urinary surgery: nephrectomy, cystostomy, uretrostomy, kidney stones, bladder stones ..
  • Eye surgery: Ectropion, entropion, dermoid cysts, torpid ulcers.
  • Neurological surgeries: tissues tumors.
  • Ultrasonic surgery: Elongation of the soft palate in brachycephalic, removal of urethral stones.


Double Dog Veterinary Clinic knows the importance of the welfare of our pet. So we have adapted to each type of animal individual boxes to carry out continuous monitoring to maintain their vital signs and ensure a speedy recovery.


Our emergency service is available 24 hours. Call us at: 677 336 669