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Exotic animals

Fully detailed care for exotic animals,  including routine Vet visits, regular health exams, vaccinations and deworming services, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, surgery, sexing, hospitalization and emergency 24 h.

Exotic animals we manage

Ferrets. Reptiles. Birds (canaries, lovebirds parakeets, ninfas, loris, you-you, grays, amazons, macaws, raptors). Rodents (Rabbits, guinea pigs, squirrels, chinchillas). Amphibians. Tarantulas. Scorpions.


An increasing number of cases cannot find an optimal solution by traditional medicine. Our specialist veterinary sciences connects both for the recovery of the animal (integrative medicine). There are many success stories behind us.


Our pets have improved their life expectation. They are living longer so develop a greater number of cases related to degenerative processes. This specialty brings greater welfare since traumas are treated with the immediacy and professionalism necessary. The surgeries performed in our clinic are: fractures, dislocations, elbow and hip dysplasia, triple hip osteotomy, surgery of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) , lengthening and shortening fore and hind legs.


Our pets skin can suffer a variety of diseases such as dermatitis, allergies, mange, mites.Is very important to make an early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for each case. Our veterinary team is constantly working to ensure treatment which most suits your animal.


Heart is a vital organ and needs to be revised periodically. Congenital diseases, systemic diseases that can affect the heart, cardiomyopathy, tumors. So it is very important that if your pet coughs, has difficulty breathing, refuses to exercise, it shows fatigue, showing apathy or not even want to eat, if you notice its pale mucous or cold. It is imperative that come to our clinic for a study to rule us serious heart problems. If your dog or cat has more than seven years making a study involving geriatric blood tests, electrocardiogram and chest radiograph will helps us to provide early diagnosis.


Teething problems and our pet's mouth are much more important than it might seem since digestion starts in the mouth with proper chewing and mixing food with saliva. Plaque, not treated early, cause gingivitis and severe infections pyorrhea and must be processed if them may occur. If not prevented, our animal eventually could lose teeth.

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